Iroquois Lacrosse Painting
1858c Canadian lacrosse photo circa 1858
1868 Cornwall's first lacrosse team
1869 Mohawk Nation
1876 Caughnawaga Indian Lacrosse Team
1876 Montreal Lacrosse Club
1883 Canadian & Kahnawake lacrosse teams in England
1883 Canadian European lacrosse team and friends in Belfast
1886 World First Champion Lacrosse Team- M.A.A.A
1887 SA-North Adelaide Founder Prof.Bragg
1890 St Leonards Women's lacrosse players
1892 Barrie Lacrosse Club
1894 Victoria , Canada Lacrosse Team
1895 Lambton Mount circa 1895
1896 Essendon Presentation Night
1897 UK-Clifton Lacrosse Club A Team- Bristol England
1899 Two Lacrosse Player at MCC
1903 Durban Second Team (Sth Africa)
1905 Onondaga senior men's
South Africa (Durbin)-Point Senior Mens
1906 VIC-Hawksburn Invitation
1907 Canada and Australia Group Photo
1907 Canada Touring Team of Australia
1907 Canada v Western Australia
1907 Canadian Team in Australia
1908 Lacrosse at the Olympic Games
1910 Australian Carnival in Adelaide
1910 Interstate Carnival in Adelaide
1911 Con Jones Member Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame
1911 UK- Stockport Champions of Endland
1912 Interstate Carnival in Melbourne
1913 Australian Intervarsity Lacrosse Carnival
1913 Invervarsity Melbourne v Adelaide
1914 SA-Officers of South Australian Lacrosse
1915 Aussie Diggers Team in Egypt
1915 Local match played at Athletic Park, Vancouver
1915 South Australian Contingent in Egypt
1915-20 First World War Call to Arms
1916 World War 1 Recruitment Poster
1917c World War 1 Team Unknown
1919 Intervarsity State Carnival
1921 NSW Team Reception Dinner
1925 Combined Australian Universities Lacrosse Team v. Vic
1925 NAT-Australian Combined University
1926 Men's Senior Carnival Adelaide
1926 Scottish Womens Team
1927 Queensland Lacrosse Association
1927 Victoria v South Australia at Malvern
1929 National Lacrosse Carnival in Perth
1929 State Carnival Teams in Perth
1930 Queensland vs New South Wales men
1932 State senior men's carnival teams
1934 Referees & Old Players Association
1934 State Game Victoria v Tasmania
1936 Australian Carnival Opening Ceremony Adelaide
1936 Western Senior Men
1938 East Torrens Senior Mens
1938 Women in Victoria
1939 Lacrosse Carnival in Brisbane
1947 Montage of Australian Carnival
Iroquois Midland Lacrosse Club 1949
1953 South England Team at Lords
1956-64 R.Coldstream VALA President Appreciation
1957 Gymkana at Malvern
1959 USA Team for Carnival in Melbourne
1960 A.L.C.Brady Trophy - G.S.Reid
1962 South Australia vs Victoria senior women's
1962 VIC-Malvern Australian Representatives
1964 SA-Brighton and VIC-Footscray Senior Women
1964 Seacombe High School
1966 VIC- Malvern end of Season
1970 USA Lancers Tour Australia
1970s Purley Lacrosse Team from London
1972 Women Australian, Scottish and Officials
1974 Australia v USA Coin Toss
1979 Victoria & S.A. box state box teams
1982 All World Team Midfield - John Butkiewicz
1982 Kookaburra Men Touring Team
1982 World Lacrosse Team
1986 USA and Canada Junior Tour
1990 Sports Australia Hall of Fame-John Butkiewicz
1991 Team Japan Under 19 Men -Tokyo
1993 Victorian Womens Life Membership -Sue Gandy
1995 Australian Kookaburras v Arizona
2000 Australian Sports Medal -John Butkiewicz
2024 Women's U18 Presidents Lacrosse Team