1876 Editorial to the Australasian from Lambton Mount
1884 New South Wales Sporting Annual - Lacrosse Started 1883
1885 SA-Early History of Lacrosse in Jamestown
1900s - 1935 Early History of Lacrosse in NSW
1903 Snapshot of Victorian Lacrosse by Dan White
1934 Williamstown Junior Team Visit to Adelaide
1936 VIC- Williamstown Lacrosse Office Bearers
1947 Western Australia First National Carnival Win
1974 Victoria Season Information Labled Centenary
1986 Women's World Cup Magazine Article
1987 National Geographic - The Iroquois
1990 The Lacrosse Player
1993 March The Lacrosse Player
1994 March The Lacrosse Player
2000 Victorian Season Information -Millenium Year