A Canadian by the name of Lambton Mount founded lacrosse in Australia in 1876 and, through his leadership and vision, the game expanded prolifically throughout Australia. The game in Australia was significantly bigger in 1914 than it is now. Lacrosse was played throughout Australia including places like Kalgoorlie, Rockhampton, Broken Hill, Jamestown, Ballarat & Launceston. 

Accordingly, we have chosen his name for our lacrosse club, a club for former female and male lacrosseurs, whether they be players, officials, administrators or supporters. Our objectives are simple: we want to help grow lacrosse in Australia by reconnecting or connecting former lacrosseurs with the past (history), present and future of lacrosse in Australia. 

We also, where possible, want to help the game in Australia, whether that be through personal contribution or financial assistance, to facilitate growth of lacrosse in Australia.