The Club

LMLC's Objectives

The key objectives of the Lambton Mount Lacrosse Club are:

  • To reconnect former lacrosse players, officials and supporters with the game, through the provision of regular newsletters and history of the game in Australia.
  • To promote and assist with the development of all forms of lacrosse in Australia, financially or through the provision of services by members through administration, coaching support or any other means required or requested by clubs, state bodies or the Australian Lacrosse Association.
  • To promote and support to members, where appropriate, donating to Australian lacrosse foundations in support of major projects or initiatives to facilitate the growth of lacrosse in Australia.

Our People

Our objective in terms of the committee is to be represented by both men and women across all lacrosse playing states in Australia.

Our current committee is as follows:-

Chairman - John Nolan

Secretary - Bill Gray

Treasurer - John Nolan

Membership Officer - Luke Oswald

General Committee - Doug George

General Committee - Judy Thurgood

General Committee - Danny Whitbourn