1897-98 NSW- Glebe Team Premiership Winners
1900 NSW- Glebe Premiership Team
1900s NSW-Petersham Senior mens
1901 Combined Sydney and Melbourne Teams Team
1901 NSW- Glebe Premiership Team
1904 NSW- Balmain Team Premiers
1905 NSW-Balmain and North Sydney Teams
1905 NSW-Broken Hill senior men's
1907 NSW Balmain Lacrosse Team
1908 NSW- Waverly Team
1908 NSW-Burwood Team
1908 NSW-Mosman and Middle Harbour
1909 NSW- Broken Hill Premiers of the Barrier
1909 NSW-Manly District Senior Men
1909 NSW-Petersham NSW senior men's
1909 NSW-Petersham Senior Men
1910 NSW- Mosman senior Men
1910 NSW-University of Sydney senior men's
1911 NSW-Manly Lacrosse Club
1911 NSW-Petersham Team visited Victoria
1912 NSW- Manly Combined Team
1912 NSW- Petersham Junior Men
1912 NSW- Sydney University Team
1912 NSW-National University Carnival in Sydney
1913 NSW- Manly Team
1913 NSW- Mosman B Team
1913 NSW- Petersham Junior Premiers
1913 NSW- St.George B Team Premiers
1913 NSW- Sydney Team
1913 NSW- Sydney University Team for State Carnival
1914 NSW- Manly Ladies Lacrosse Club
1914 NSW- Manly Wanderers Team
1914 NSW- Petersham LC Premiers
1920 NSW-Mosman A Senior Mens
1923 NSW- Mosman B Senior Men
1930s NSW-Dulwich Hill
1931 NSW-Manly Wanderers Team
1933 NSW- Manly Wanderers B Premiers
2015 New South Wales Lacrosse Teams