1887 VIC-South Melbourne Lacrosse Club
1890 VIC- Late 1890 Essendon Senior Mens
1891 VIC-Caulfield Lacrosse Club
1895 VIC- Melbourne University LC
1896 VIC- Flemington B Div. Lacrosse Team
1896 VIC-MCC Lacrosse Club
1897 VIC- Flemington A Division
1897 VIC- Flemington B Premiers
1897 VIC- Melbourne University senior men's
1898 VIC-Williamstown Lacrosse Club-Placeholder
1899 VIC- Trinity College Maybe?
1899 VIC- University of Melbourne
1900 Universities Intercolonial
1900 VIC- Melbourne University Premiers
1900 VIC-early Essendon Senior Mens
1900 VIC-University of Melbourne
1900 VIC-Unknown Victorian Team
1900s Essendon Lacrosse Team
1900s VIC-Coburg
1900s VIC-Malvern A Team
1901 Combined Melbourne & Sydney Team
1901 VIC-University of Melbourne
1902 VIC-Auburn Lacrosse Annual Ball
1902 VIC-Melbourne University
1902 VIC-Opening of Season University & Collingwood Teams
1903 VIC- Essendon Lacrosse Team
1903 VIC- St Kilda Lacrosse Team
1903 VIC-Auburn Lacrosse Ball
1903 VIC-Melbourne University
1904 VIC- Essendon Team State Club Champions
1904 VIC-Malvern No.2 Team
1905 South Australia and Melbourne University Team
1905 VIC- Kew B Section Team
1905 VIC- St Kilda Lacrosse Team Premiers
1905 VIC-Combined Victorian Team v Sturt
1905 VIC-Essendon A Grade Team
1905 VIC-Kew C Section Team
1905 VIC-University A Section Team
1906 VIC- Essendon Lacrosse Team
1906 VIC- Melbourne University
1906 VIC- South Yarra Lacrosse Club
1906 VIC-Hawksburn C Grade Premiers
1906-15 Coburg Lacrosse Team (possibly)
1907 VIC- Coburg C Section
1907 VIC- First State School Lacrosse
1907 VIC- Hawksburn III Lacrosse Team
1907 VIC- Hawksburn IV Lacrosse Team
1907 VIC- Hawthorn Lacrosse Team
1907 VIC- Kew B Lacrosse Team
1907 VIC- University B Section
1907 VIC- University B Section
1907 VIC- University C Section
1907 VIC-Canterbury Lacrosse Team
1907 VIC-Essendon A Section Team
1907 VIC-Hawthorn City A Section Team
1907 VIC-Malvern Visit to Castlemain
1907 VIC-Melbourne University v Adelaide University
1907 VIC-University A Section
1908 VIC-Elsternwick Lacrosse Club
1908 VIC-Hawthorn Lacrosse Club
1908 VIC-South Yarra Senior Men
1908 VIC-Victorian Club-Unknown
1909 VIC- Websters Lacrosse Premiers (Bendigo)
1909 VIC-Fitzroy & Hawksburn (NSW) in Warrnambool
1909 VIC-Hawthorn Senior Men
1909 VIC-Kew D Grade Senior Men
1909 VIC-Maribyrnong C Section Premiers
1910 Melbourne University Lacrosse Team
1910 VIC-Bendigo Team
1910 VIC-Canterbury A Grade Lacrosse Team
1910 VIC-Malvern A Grade
1910 VIC-Malvern B Grade Team
1910 VIC-South Yarra Senior Men
1910 Victorian Senior Mens v Bendigo
1910c VIC-Canterbury Lacrosse Club
1911 VIC- Brighton Wanderers Lacrosse Team
1911 VIC- Deaf School D Team
1911 VIC- Essendon Team Photo 2
1911 VIC- Fitzroy Lacrosse Team
1911 VIC- Kew Lacrosse Team
1911 VIC- Kooyong Senior Men
1911 VIC- Malvern Lacrosse Team
1911 VIC- Maribyronong Senior Men
1911 VIC- Melbourne University Interstate Team
1911 VIC-Brighton Wanderers Lacrosse Team
1911 VIC-Essendon Senior Men
1912 VIC- South Yarra A Team- Premiers
1912 VIC-Ballarat Lacrosse Club- First Team
1912 VIC-Brighton Presbyterians C Grade Premiers
1912 VIC-Brighton Wanderers D Grade Team
1912 VIC-Kooyong B Team
1912 VIC-Kooyong C Lacrosse Team
1912 VIC-Kooyong Lacrosse Ladies Day
1912 VIC-Kyneton Senior Mens
1912 VIC-Melbourne University Team for Sydney Carnival
1912-14 VIC-Essendon Lacrosse Team
1913 pre VIC-Canterbury Lacrosse Club
1913 VIC- Canterbury Team at Melbourne University
1913 VIC- Hawthorn Junior A Team
1913 VIC- Kew Lacrosse Annual Ladies Day
1913 VIC- Melbourne University
1913 VIC- Middle Park Lacrosse Team
1913 VIC- South Yarra Team A Premiers 1912&13
1913 VIC-Brighton Wanderers A Team
1913 VIC-Canterbury A Team
1913 VIC-Canterbury senior men's
1913 VIC-Interstate Intervarsity Carnival
1913 VIC-Kew Lacrosse A Team
1913 VIC-Kew Lacrosse B Team
1913 VIC-Middle Park Lacrosse Ladies Day
1913 VIC-National University Carnival in Melbourne
1913 VIC-University Lacrosse Team
1913 VIC-Victorian Universities Team
1913 VIC-Wattle Park
1914 VIC- Hawthorn E Section Premiers
1914 VIC- Kooyong Lacrosse Team
1914 VIC-Canterbury A Grade Team
1914 VIC-Hawthorn A Grade Team
1914 VIC-Hawthorn B Team
1914 VIC-Melbourne Varsity Team
1914 VIC-Middle Park B Grade Premiers
1915 Brighton Presbyterian Lacrosse Team
1915 VIC-Canterbury Senior Mens
1915 VIC-Eastern Suburbs Lacrosse Club
1915 VIC-Williamstown v Brighton Presbyterian
1917 VIC-Melbourne High School Lacrosse Team
1917 VIC-Nagambie Lacrosse Team
1918 VIC-Malvern Senior Mens
1918 VIC-Nagambie Lacrosse Team
1919 Hawthorn Lacrosse Team
1919 VIC-Inter State, Inter-University Lacrosse
1919 VIC-Interstate Intervarsity Carnival
1919c VIC- Unknown Team in Footscray Region
1920 Coburg Lacrosse Club Victoria
1920 VIC- Hawthorn C Section Team
1920 VIC-Coburg Lacrosse Team
1920 VIC-Hawthorn Lacrosse Team
1920 VIC-Hawthorn senior men's
1920 VIC-MCC v Hawthorn at the Albert Ground
1920 VIC-Melbourne University Team
1920 VIC-University v Hawthorn
1920c VIC- Melbourne Teachers College Parkville
1920c VIC-Hawthorn Lacrosse Team
1920s late VIC-Malvern Photo 1
1920s late VIC-Malvern Photo 2
1920s late VIC-Malvern Photo 3
1920s VIC- Coburg Senior Men
1920s VIC-Canterbury Lacrosse Team
1920s VIC-Hawthorn Lacrosse Team
1920s VIC-Hawthorn Lacrosse Team
1920s VIC-Hawthorn Lacrosse Team
1921 VIC-Brighton Wanderers
1921 VIC-Canterbury Lacrosse Team
1921 VIC-Melbourne University Team
1922 VIC-Hawthorn Senior Men
1923 VIC-Brighton Senior Men
1923 VIC-Melbourne High School Old Boys Honor Board
1923 VIC-Wattle Park
1924 VIC- Goodwood B Grade Premiers
1925 VIC- Melbourne University A Team
1925 VIC-Melbourne University
1926 VIC-Brighton Wanderers Team
1926 VIC-Kooyong Senior men's
1926 VIC-Malvern Beat the Brighton Wanderers
1926 VIC-Malvern Lacrosse Team
1928 VIC- Deaf And Dumb Lacrosse Team
1928 VIC-Malvern Junior A Team
1929 VIC-Malvern A Premiers
1929 VIC-Malvern A Second Team
1930 VIC-Coburg men's Team
1930 VIC-Coburg Premiers
1930 VIC-Glen Iris Senior Mens
1930-40s VIC Preston Lacrosse Team
1930s VIC- Coburg Lacrosse Team
1930s VIC-Preston Senior men 1
1930s VIC-Preston Senior men 2
1931,32,33,34,35,36 VIC-Malvern A Premiers
1932 VIC- Coburg Lacrosse Team
1932 VIC- Malvern A Premiers
1932 VIC- Malvern Red A Team
1932 VIC- RMIT E Section Premiers
1932 VIC-Malvern senior men's
1933 VIC-Malvern A Premiers
1933 VIC-Malvern Red A Team
1933-34 VIC-Ballarat Senior Mens
1934 VIC- Essendon Boys Lacrosse Team
1934 VIC-Glen Iris C Grade
1935 VIC- Coburg Senior Men
1935 VIC- Swinburne Technical College
1935 VIC-Malvern A Premiers
1936 Melbourne High School Old Boys
1936 VIC- Malvern A Grade Premiers
1936 VIC- Swinburn Commons Junior Men
1936 VIC-Brighton C Lacrosse Team
1936 VIC-Western Lacrosse Team
1936-39 VIC-Preston Senior Men
1937 VIC- Swinburne Technical College
1937 VIC-Malvern A Grade Team
1938 VIC- Footscray Lacrosse Team
1938 VIC- Swinburne Technical College
1939 VIC-Brunswick Technical School Boys
1940 VIC-Box Hill Lacrosse Team
1940 VIC-Malvern Lacrosse Team
1940 VIC-Westbourne Part School Premiers
1940-50s VIC-University High (possibly) Team
1945 VIC-Adult Deaf
1946 VIC-Malvern Senior Men
1947 VIC-Melbourne University
1948 VIC-Malvern A Team
1948 VIC-Old Trinity Grammarians
1950 VIC-Malvern A Premiers
1950 VIC-Malvern A Reserve Premiers
1950's VIC-Coburg senior men
1950s VIC-Surrey Park Senior Six a Side Team
1950s VIC-Surrey Park U14 Team
1951 VIC-Malvern A Grade Premiers
1952 VIC- Swinburne Technical College
1953 VIC- Swinburne Technical College
1953 VIC-Malvern A Premiers
1954 Malvern Lacrosse Club
1954 VIC-Camberwell-Glen Iris B Grade Premiers
1954_55_56 VIC-Malvern A Premiers
1957 VIC-Caulfield Six a Side Team
1957 VIC-Malvern Lacrosse Club
1958 VIC- Melbourne High School -The Unicorn
1958 VIC-Caulfield Technical College Junior Team
1958 VIC-Caulfield Technical College U14 Gold Team
1958 VIC-Williamstown Technical School
1958c VIC- Williamstown Technical School Premiers
1959 VIC- Melbourne High School -The Unicorn
1959c VIC-Williamstown Technical School Lacrosse Team
1960 VIC- Caulfield Technical College
1960 VIC- Melbourne High School -The Unicorn
1960 VIC-Swinburne Technical College
1960 VIC-Williamstown Technical School
1960s VIC- Coburg Senior Men
1961 VIC- Melbourne High School -The Unicorn
1961 VIC- Swinburne Technical College
1961 VIC-Williamstown High School Lacrosse Team
1961 VIC-Williamstown Technical School Lacrosse Team
1962 VIC- Williamstown High School Boys
1962 VIC-Melboune High School
1962 VIC-Williamstown Technical School A Team
1962 VIC-Williamstown Technical School B Team
1963 VIC- Footscray Senior Womens
1963 VIC-Williamstown Technical School
1964 VIC-Altona Photo Album
1964 VIC-Eltham Men's Honor Board 1
1964 VIC-Eltham Mens Honor Board 2
1964 VIC-Malvern A Premiers
1964 VIC-Williamstown Technical School A Team
1964 VIC-Williamstown Technical School B Team
1964 Williamstown High School Boys Team
1965 VIC- Box Hill High School
1965 VIC-Footscray Technical College
1965 VIC-Surrey Park A Grade Team
1965c VIC- Monash University team
1966 VIC- Monash University Lacrosse Team
1966 VIC-Footscray Technical College
1966 VIC-Williamstown Technical School
1960s VIC-Essendon Technical School Lacrosse Team
1969 VIC-Coburg men's team
1969 VIC-Tottenham Technical School Lacrosse Team
1970s Late VIC- Newport Womens
1972 VIC-Malvern Black A Grade
1972 VIC-Malvern Black B Grade
1972 VIC-Malvern Black C Grade
1972 VIC-Malvern Red A Grade
1972c Monash University lacrosse team
1974 VIC- Chadstone EOS Team to Burnside SA
1974 VIC- Malvern Senior Men- Premiers
1974 VIC-Chadstone Cardinals U16 Lacrosse Team
1976 VIC- Surrey Park Prelim. Finalists
1980 VIC- Chadstone U19 Men
1980s VIC- Newcomb and District Womens
1981 VIC-Melbourne University Div 3 Team
1983 VIC-Eltham Women's Honor Board
1985 VIC-Eltham B Grade Lacrosse Team
1989 VIC-Melbourne University
1990c Eltham Junior Mens Lacrosse Team
1993 VIC-Melbourne University Team
1994 VIC-Melbourne University Women's B Grade Premiers
1995 VIC-Eltham State League Lacrosse Team
1996 VIC-Melbourne University Team
1996 VIC-Williamstown High School Girls
1998 VIC-Williamstown High School
2000s VIC-Newport Women's Junior Lacrosse Team
2000s VIC-Newport Womens State League Lacrosse Team
2002 VIC- Malvern State League Premiers
2005c VIC-Eltham Lacrosse Premiers
2012 VIC-Newport Women's Lacrosse Team
2023 VIC-Eltham Womens Lacrosse Team